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Bonnel spring unit for mattress

     In the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses as the basis often used Bonnel spring unit (110 spring/m2 made of stainless steel with a diameter 2.2 mm). Bonnel springs in the block between a combined steel coil and have a very important design feature: a consistent and gradual decrease in the radius of the coil support allowing completely eliminate friction between the springs. This feature of the design of the spring block Bonnel avoids extraneous sounds (creaking) in orthopedic mattresses.

     Bonnel Spring unit remains flexible under the pressure of body weight and restores the form after the action of this pressure ceases, thus supporting the spine in a natural human physiological condition, evenly distributing the weight of sleep over the whole area of orthopedic mattress.

It is used in orthopedic mattresses:  MATTRASS standart  и  MATTRAS presige


Bonnel Spring unit for mattress


Bonnel Spring unit for mattress


One Bonnel spring unit:

Bonnel spring unit


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