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About orthopedic mattresses.

         The dear buyer, furniture factory VIKA offers your attention modern, reliable, and practical production (orthopedic mattresses), which is made specially to create as much as possible comfortable conditions for rest. High quality of materials (fillers) for mattresses and modern technologies guarantee reliability and durability of use of our mattresses which are certificated and completely corresponds to sanitary-and-hygienic requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

Wide assortment of orthopedic mattresses in Kiev

     The wide range of the prices for mattresses allows to satisfy requirements of people with a different material prosperity. With our production you will feel a cosiness and comfort in the house.

     Reliability. Buying orthopedic
mattresses VIKA you care about own health and health of the relatives not only in the first month after purchase, but also on the expiration of many years. We guarantee that our mattresses will serve not only the term which has been taken away in a guarantee, but also much longer. We have already taken care of your nerves.

Round Mattress

     You always have a choice. With its broad product range and its production site, we offer you the most affordable solutions orthopedic mattresses.

     You can satisfy any inquiry. Possibility of the order of mattresses of non-standard types and the sizes including round mattresses.

     You should not wait... In general! Thanks to the warehouse program you can be assured that a mattress necessary for you or already is in a warehouse or the mattress will be made within several days. With us you save not only the money or nerves, but also time.

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