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Orthopedic frames for mattresses

780 grn.
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Orthopedic frames for mattresses

     Orthopedic frames for mattresses significantly improve the properties of orthopedic mattress. The combination of blades made of natural birch and metal frame makes the construction of orthopedic foundation of reliable and durable. During operation the slats slightly springy, reinforcing the effect of orthopedic mattress. This rigidity of the mattress to be somewhat smaller than if the mattress just lying on a rigid surface such as sex. In addition, the framework provides free air circulation, prolongs the life of the mattress and helps him better to unload the spine.

     However, the basis for an orthopedic mattress recommend 
Mattress pad for a mattress and Podmatrasnik for Mattress

     Orthopedic mattress base with
Orthopedic frames better solution if you do not have beds!

At size 160 * 200 180 * 200 Complete 6 legs.
At size 80 * 200 90 * 200 Complete 4 legs.

* Indicates the price of Orthopaedic frame for mattress size 80 * 200 cm

Prices and sizes on the orthopedic frame for mattress:

size, см





price, grn



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